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Dolen Village – 200 Years in the Past a Few Leaps Ahead

The village of Dolen is an exceptional place in Bulgaria. Here’s why, what you can do there and around, and how to make the best of it.


#POEE Interview: Diana Ivanova

Apart from one of my best and oldest friends, Diana Ivanova is an exceptional being, who has lived in 3 Scandinavian countries and recently moved to the UK. She has a Ph.D. as an environmental researcher and works hard not only to contribute to humanity’s sustainable development but also to be a better person. Here’s what she had to say for #POEE.


Traveling with a Dog: Pros & Cons, Where to Sleep, and How to Get There

Traveling with a dog has its challenges but it’s also great fun. Here’s what I’ve learned from my 6 years of traveling with Mega.


Eastern European = Cheap Migrant Worker?

Are Eastern European people seen nothing more than migrant workers who will settle of any treatment and payment? In this piece for #POEE I talk about what I experienced in Cyprus and am trying to get your opinion on the topic.

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