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First Impressions from Bogota

When I set off for Bogota, I had no idea what to expect. I hadn’t browsed any photos, nor had I researched much. I wanted to be surprised by the…


3 Independent Women (and 1 Bitch) Go Hiking at Plana Mountain

  If you’re ever near Sofia, Bulgaria and the sun decides to rear its head again, go for a day trip to the village of Dolni Pasarel and Plana Mountain….


Experiment: Is Meditation Bullshit? I Did It for 30 Days to Find Out

Until recently, I thought that meditation was a bunch of mumbo-jumbo and didn’t want anything to do with the oh-so-trendy Eastern philosophies. I knew about people who had “found themselves”…

Short Stories, Style

Fashion Meets the Earth with “Empty Your Wardrobe”

One of Contrabond’s main ideas is that fashion can be sustainable. Caring about your looks doesn’t mean you have to devastate nature. On the contrary – fashion and ecology can…

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