I’ve been crazy about Lush for some time now. Their products look and smell delicious, they are a high-quality treat, and most importantly – Lush fights against animal cruelty.

Why I chose the Rehab Shampoo

During my last visit to Lush, I was on a mission to find a cure for my damaged hair. I haven’t been blonde for years now, and yet some traces of hair bleach still remain. The ends of my locks are especially tired and keep giving me away as an ex-blonde.

With this sorrow of mine, I went to Lush and was directed towards the shelf where Rehab stood waiting for me – it is a liquid shampoo for dry and damaged hair. I purchased the smallest bottle (100 g.) because I wanted to test the product first, and travel with it as well.

It Contains a Fruit Bowl and Essential Oils

Lush Rehab has the color of honey, and the scent is also seductive. The ingredients include a selection of essential oils (lavender, jojoba, almond, mint, rosemary, juniper), as well as fresh fruit juice extracts. As a result, you get to use a hair elixir, reminiscent of a forest, and picking fresh fruit in the summer.

The power of nature in Lush Rehab

The Results

The Rehab shampoo has made my hair happy – it feels shiny, bouncy, and all around healthy. I love the smell and the ingredients also seem to be therapeutic for the skin. My scalp is normally sensitive and irritable, but Rehab had a soothing effect.

Surprisingly Frugal

My hair has bravely taken on all kinds of nonsense, and yet it remains on my head because it’s quite thick. However, that usually means that I have to use heaps of shampoo, to get it washed. That’s why I thought that the travel-sized bottle of Rehab Shampoo would be devoured in no more than 1-2 washes. To my surprise, I actually used the shampoo for a few weeks, since you don’t need a lot for a fresh feel.

Lush Rehab bottle sizes

How to Use It

The shop assistant stressed on how important it is to massage the Rehab shampoo into your roots so that your hair can really soak up the soothing ingredients. Besides, it’s also a great way to enhance hair growth.

Price of Lush Rehab 100 g.: about €10

Price of Lush Rehab 250 g.: about €18

Price of Lush Rehab 500 g.: about €28

Have you tried a shampoo by Lush? Which is your favorite?