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Who Am I and What Is Contrabond?


Hi! My name is Liya and I am super happy that you’ve found Contrabond. 

First, a bit about me, so you’d know what you have stumbled upon here :). I am a psychologist by educatin, an adventurer at heart, and a journalist with a focus on social and environmental topics by profession. Because I am so curious about the world, (almost) everything can snatch my interest. That’s how I noticed that from different interest groups grow apart, not because they have nothing in common, but rather because our world often focus on the differenced. 

The idea behind Contrabond is to provide engaging content, based on scientific facts and studies, so that it’s easier to see the connections between seemingly contrary concepts.

What Is Contrabond About?

The name comes from “Bonding contrary ideas”. I chose to write about some of my favorite topics – travel, psychology, style, and sustainability, to show that they share more common ground than we usually think.

A few examples:

When it comes to psychology, we usually discuss internal processes, but often forget that non-verbal communication may often be more valuable than words. The way we choose to look sends a crucial non-verbal message – that’s how we make first impressions on others to either draws them in or alienates them. So, psychology and style are two topics that are often misinterpreted as contradictory.

Travel is not only a means of discovering the world, but also a great way to learn more about your inner universe. How can we be both sustainable and stylish on the road? This is the kind of question I try to answer with the articles here. 

The environment we live in inevitably impacts the way we feel. What is more, caring for others has great benefits for your own psychological well-being. That is why sustainability and psychology also have their own special bond, even though it may seem unlikely at first.

Environmentally conscious people are often indifferent towards fashion trends and don’t focus too much on their appearance. On the other hand, the fashion industry is one of the cruelest and most polluting businesses out there. More often than not, these two opposing sides disregard how helpful they can be to one another. Lately, we are seeing more sustainable, cruelty-free designers and brands, so fashion is become a more meaningful art form. Furthermore, if you think green and look good, you’d attract a lot more people to your cause.

Some Backstory

Contrabond is the result of many conversations and experiences, yet I can contribute the birth of the idea to one specific moment in time. 

I was in Sofia, Bulgaria with a group of friends, when I noticed posters, advertising a cause that I feel personally connected to. We stopped to learn more and everyone seemed really interested. But as soon as we left, my friends shared that although they had been inspired by the idea, they would have never paid any attention to the petition, had they not been with me, because of how the activists looked. 

This event made me consider how many important topics go unnoticed, simply because the people who care about them don’t try to find a common language with a wider audience.

If I, for instance, wanted to help popularize recycling, would there be any point to talk about it to people who already recycle? Probably not. It would be much more valuable to turn to peope who dont recycle yet. And for them to understand me, I would have to use relatable verbal and non-verbal communication. This includes the way I look, the jokes and metaphors I use. etc. These would have to be tailored to what my audience considers relatable.

The Gist

This is precisely what Contrabond is about – finding common ground.

If you have any questions or ideas, please contact me either via the contact form on this website, on Facebook or Instagram.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about my work as a journalist, please click here.

Thank you and enjoy! 

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