If you want to be an environmental hero, without much effort, there is one easy solution – use less packaging. The displays of plastic-wrapped supplies, in supermarkets, might make you think that using less to no packaging is a challenge when, in fact, it is as easy as ABC.

What’s the Problem With Packaging?

Many forms of packaging can’t be recycled, they decompose in the environment for hundreds, even thousands of years, they poison the soil and the underground water basins, they kill animals, who mistake the for food. We can all easily help alleviate this problem, by using less packaging, starting today. 

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Be an environmental hero – it’s easy!

Here are some great ways to go packaging-free:

When purchasing fruits and vegetables from a supermarket, avoid using the plastic bags placed in the isle. Instead, when you weigh your goods at the self-service scale, you can stick all the price tags on one piece of produce. This way you’ll go through checkout much faster, place your purchase in a reusable bag, and not waste any time at the grocery store. 

– If you prefer street markets, ask the salesperson to place your goods directly on the scale, and then empty them into your reusable bag, instead of using plastic.

Open air produce market

Buy your cheese, fish, and meet from specialized local shops, rather than large supermarkets – not only are you getting better quality this way, but you can also ask the clerk to pack your goods in wrapping paper, which is the sustainable choice.

A selection of cheeses and eggs

– When purchasing eggs, opt for paper packaging, instead of plastic.

Bulk nuts

– When you buy takeaway food, or any unpackaged/bulk goods, such as olives or nuts, bring your own reusable container. As you know, this is the healthier option, and it is also much more sustainable than the plastic box or bag you’ll be given at the store.

Produce I bought from a Facebook farmer's group
Produce I bought from a Facebook farmer’s group

Try to purchase your food from small local manufacturers, or farmer’s markets. You can also have a search around Facebook – there are regional Facebook groups, where you can find small farmers, who sell their own, real, delicious food. For Bulgaria, there are platforms, such as farmhopping, as well as Facebook groups like this one.

Can you think of any other ways to use less packaging? Let’s create a bigger list of ideas together!