I am closer to “dirty thirty” than prom night, but it seems like my skin didn’t get the memo and still thinks that the two of us are teenagers. I am not really bragging about how innocent and youthful I look. It’s more of a “the pains I’ve no choice but to live with” type of piece. Most people go through a few years when their skin is irritated and unpredictable, just like their hearts and every hormone in their body. But after a while, it all turns into a distant memory, filed somewhere in the back of your mind next to that 10th-grade math quiz you failed.

Saturday morning is for coffee and chocolate in bed

The Problem

Other people, like myself, have skin that refuses to grow up. It remains sensitive and prone to breakouts, long after high school. Even if we live and eat super healthily, skin condition is largely determined by genetics and all we can is our best to take good care of it. This is where I start bragging – with an awesome face mask, I found recently, sold by a brand that has earned my respect – Lush Cupcake.

Lush cupcake mask for oily skin

The Brand

I’ve always had a soft spot for Lush. It’s one of the few large international brands that not only takes a firm stand against animal testing but actively fights for four-legged rights. A corporation that doesn’t focus just on its revenue but also defends those who have no voice of their own. This is exactly the type of business that I like to support as a consumer. I believe that when we choose to buy something we also vote for an idea. So it’s important for me to vote with my money for brands whose ideology I can empathize with.

But even before I knew about the (un)ethical practices in the cosmetics industry, back when I actually was a teenager and lived in Kuwait, Lush stole my heart with their delicious looking products. Way before you’ve seen the shop, the scent has already fired up those pleasure centers in your brain. Lush shops always smell like caramel cookies, freshly brewed coffee, flowers, and herbs. That’s because the company enhances its cosmetics with natural ingredients and the final product often looks more like a chocolate bar or a cupcake, than a mask or cream.

Face mask with chocolate
Looks a bit weird but smells delicious 🙂

Cupcake Face Mask

Before Cupcake, I had never tried one of their mouth-watering products but this current mask is like applying chocolate spread to your face and the scent remains long after you’ve washed it away – not just on your skin but in the whole room.

Face mask with chocolate

Lush Cupcake is a cream-textured, chocolate-scented face mask for teenage and/or oily and delicate skin. Your nose will pick up the aroma even before you’ve unscrewed the lid. Inside, ingredients like Moroccan clay, coconut butter, mint, and sandalwood sooth and clean the skin, while removing excess oil. This is a fresh mask, which means you have to keep it in the fridge. Otherwise, the essential oils could start melting and the mask might even go bad. Because it’s not aggressive to the skin, you can use Lush Cupcake several times a week and so far my experience is that it’s a fabulous mask even for skin that has long outgrown teen dramas.

Chocolate face mask

The Overall Experience

Beauty products tend to provide a holistic experience. I guess that’s why companies focus on branding, containers, and aromas – it’s the first contact you have with the mask and sets a tone for the overall experience. Lush Cupcake makes a great first impression, especially from the perspective of someone with an enormous sweet tooth. This mask looks and smells like homemade chocolate so much that I actually barely resisted not giving it a lick. Even though it has full texture, the mask is easy to apply, doesn’t drip and doesn’t make a mess. Once on, it dries quickly and doesn’t give you that unpleasant pulling sensation that is face mask trademark.

According to the instructions, Cupcake is а fast-acting mask and needs only 5-10 minutes to freshen up and smooth out your skin.

Chocolate face mask
Even Mega is curious about it 🙂

I left the mask on for a bit longer, around 15 minutes, because I was reading “King Rat” and forgot everything else. I don’t like using products that take forever to wash away, get all over the bathroom tiles, pull at my skin and just make me feel like I’m using one of these weird Korean beautifying devices.  Lush have never disappointed me in this department. This mask too washes away easily, to leave my skin feeling fresher and much softer. Lately, my skin feels dull, probably because of all the time I spend indoors, staring at my laptop.

This winter has been a hard one for me. There are so many things I want to do, especially outdoors, but it’s just too damn cold. Obviously, not spending as much time in nature as I usually do, is taking a toll on my skin. With this mask though, it seems like I’m getting some of the proverbial “glow” back and the “problem” areas of my skin feel much better.

Will I Buy It Again?

I’ve now used Lush Cupcake several times and am definitely happy with it. It doesn’t contain too much artificial crap, I am in love with the scent, and the effects are great as well, provided you apply the mask frequently.

If you’ve ever used a Lush product I’d love to hear what you thought about it. It would also be awesome to learn what mask you are crazy about and if there is one you’ll never buy again. Please share in the comments below 🙂