Parisians are known for their unique, casual chic. It’s difficult to find someone who looks overdone as if they’ve spent hours in front of the mirror. Despite the messy hair, or perhaps because of it, Parisian street style is impeccable. 

The beautiful freedom, symbol of the Parisian look, motivated me to take my first steps in street style photography. I hope you’ll feel jut as charmed and inspired! 

Street style Paris, man at the Luxembourg Gardens
He was the first person I shot. I had to muster up the courage for a while, but then in turned out that behind his slight frown, was a warm man, who knows how to look good.


Street style Paris, fashion blogger
The moment I saw her, I fell in love with her style. As it turns out, I was right – she is the amazing fashion blogger from Brindilles Paris!


Street style Paris, women in front of the Louvre
Every detail of their look says that they are strong women, with their own style – real Parisians!


Men's street style in Paris, fashion designer Yohann Fayolle
Talented French fashion designer, Yohаnn Fayolle, caught my eye with his trademark style.


Street style Paris, retro chic
A book in hand, instead of a phone – that’s all-around chic!


Men's street style in Paris, cool office wear
His friends teased him for having become a street style star, but I just couldn’t walk away from the cool details that diversify his office look.


Street style Paris, world-known and local designers.
I met her at a gallery opening and she told me the story of her look – a mix of vintage pieces, from world-known designers, and clothes by local artists.


Men's street style Paris, oversized coats, flat caps, and sneakers
They posed like it was their mission, and yet were so charming!


Men's street style Paris, mustard coat and blue button-down
When I asked to take his picture, he laughed in disbelief. The mustard coat made his blue, striped button-down stand out beautifully, although it’s difficult to spot here.


Street style Paris, colors and shapes
A real street style star, who knows how to look fabulous.


Street style Paris, cool couple by the Seine
Sunday joy, captured by the Seine.


Street style Paris, strong and beautiful
Her personal brand of femininity.


Street style Paris, by the river Seine
She looked mellow and gorgeous, as she flipped through vintage albums, by the river Seine.