Berlin is a special city that breathes art. Of course, creativity is not limited to the brightly lit galleries, with neatly organized pieces. Here, art has spread its tentacles along the narrow alleys, abandoned warehouses, and muddy street markets. On the streets of the German capital, reality is interpreted in a new way, through clothing. This is made possible due to charming vintage stores, such as Pick & Weight.  

The City’s Best Finds

The city is bursting with vintage finds, especially in the Kreuzberg neighborhood, as well as in Mitte, around Linienstrasse. Some of the shops, such as those filled with show samples from local designers, are happiness itself. If clothes are art for you, get ready for a cosmic orgasm. You can also find vintage boutiques with iconic pieces by Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Versace, Carolina Herrera, Balmain, Badgley Mischka, and all matter of wonders.

These two options may feel irresistible and will easily tempt you into dropping your monthly rent for a sexy T. If, however, you are not there yet, in your romance with clothes, there are other alternatives as well.

My Alternative

For me, Pick & Weight was the ideal choice. This is a vintage concept store, with four shops in Berlin. I walked into their Kreuzberg location completely by accident, attracted by a beautiful crowd. Human pieces of art strolled around the entrance and up the stairs of the building, where Pick & Weight is located.

The inside of the store can be described in а single way – here, clothes makes love, to the sound of perfectly selected tracks. Submerged in a section of classic coats, I almost screamed with delights, as they played Parov Stelar.

Thanks to vintage stores with unique pieces at reasonable prices, Berlin’s streets are colored by so much quirky beauty. Scroll down to see photos from Pick & Weight, as well as street style.

Which is your favorite vintage shop, in Berlin or around the world?

Pick & Weight Berlin

The store is now selling vinyl records as well.

Street Style Berlin

My favorite couple in Berlin! He is pursuing his dream to become a movie director and she – a film critic. He is from Istanbul and she is from Belgrade, but they found love in Berlin. Spontaneous, beautiful, and impeccably dressed!

Out for a stylish Sunday stroll

You can see all of her beautiful playfulness in her eyes
Madonna works at Pick & Weight
He may seem stern at a first glance, but those yellow socks completely gave away his happy, playful, sunny personality

A breath of fresh air. Effortless.
A new take on Dr. Martens
Because art is all around us and can be embodied by anything – even water pipes!