Ever more people prefer to rescue or adopt a dog, instead of buying one. Why? Mixed breeds are smarter, healthier, easier to train, and live longer #naturalselection. I adopted my dog – Mega 5 years ago, when she was just a few months old. At the time, we wanted a second dog to keep my 15-year-old Chihuahua Kali company. Because Kali hated everyone and everything outside of the family, a dog trainer told me that she would adapt best to an old, small, male dog. Mega was the exact opposite – a female baby who could potentially get huge. And still I just couldn’t help myself – this is what love at first sight really looks like! Now Mega and I are inseparable – she comes with me to work at Betahaus, then we stop by a bar, a fashion even, or even go to the movies together (cause Sofia is dog friendly as fuck! J ). Unlike some of my friends’ purebred dogs, some of which get an yeast infection unless you wipe their mouth after every drink of water, Mega has never been sick, she learned all kinds of commands really easily, and wherever we go, at least 3 people come over to tell me how awesome and well-behaved she is. Thanks to her, Kali now tolerates other dogs and people. Besides, Mega is super easy to take care of, which is why all of my friends want to look after her when I travel. I am super happy that in the past few years there’s been an increasing number of adopted dogs in Sofia. It goes to show that now we see pups as a source of love and happiness, rather than a status symbol. If you’re not ready for a dog yet, why not pay a visit to your local shelter, such as Animal Rescue Sofia? There you can gift a lonely dog with some and a walk.