The worst thing about traveling are the goodbyes. Sometimes you wonder why you’re doing this, why you’re letting the restlessness and wanderlust take you away from the important people in your life. I cried when I left home and now that I’m going back I have a lump in my throat. One of the biggest myths about solo travel is that you’re actually alone – in fact, you constantly meet amazing people who become close to your heart in a matter of days, because you know you have just a few moments together. And then comes the inevitable goodbye. Sometimes it’s a quick hug and the routine “safe travels, enjoy so and so”. But other times it’s heart breaking. And yet one of the best things about traveling, for me, for this trip, is going home. Every time I’m walking down the street and think about my loved ones at home, about seeing their smiles and squeezing them tightly, I feel full of joy. At the end, it seems traveling is not about the beautiful sunsets or wild landscapes – it’s all about the people ❤